Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

Indian Railways has issued a guideline for passengers to make their night journey pleasant and hassle-free, changing its rules

Indian Railways News, Night Sleeping Rule in Train Indian Railways has issued guidelines for passengers to make changes in their Night Sleeping Rule in Train to make their night journey pleasant and hassle-free. Key’s. Indian Railways has issued five important rules regarding sleeping at night. If you know these rules then you will have convenience during the night journey.

According to the new rules of the railway, no one will be able to disturb the sleep of the person. No passenger will be able to play music on his mobile till late night, nor will he be able to keep the lights on till late night. , Even after 10 o’clock a person will not be able to talk fast on his mobile. Indian Railways has fixed these 5 rules: –

5 rules of Indian Railways

  • No passenger in your seat, compartment or coach can talk loudly on mobile
  • No passenger can or should listen to songs in loud voice.
  • There will be no disturbance in the sleep of the passengers during the journey at night and they can sleep peacefully during this period.
  • No passenger can keep the lamp lit even after 10 o’clock in the night.
  • Strict action will be taken if passengers are talking fast on mobile after 10 pm during the train journey.

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