Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

WhatsApp is rolling out a new update- version

With this it introduces a new feature that replaces phone numbers with usernames when the user is contacted by somebody unknown.

What is it?

The feature gives more priority to the push name over the phone number by swapping phone numbers and push names within the message bubble in group chats.

It will replace phone numbers with usernames in the chat list whenever an anonymous contact sends you a message in a group chat.


It is available for some beta testers as of now.

WhatsApp beta for Android is marked as a compatible update, but some users may be able to get the same feature after installing the beta version.


This feature has been released to some beta testers and more activations are planned over the coming days.


Thanks to this feature, users get the convenience of recognising messages from unknown contacts within their group chats.

WhatsApp is rolling out an improvement for the feature by bringing the same changes within the chat list.


Every time the user gets a message from an unknown contact in a group chat, the push name will appear instead of the phone number within the chat list.

This should make it easier for the recipient to understand who the unknown contact is without having to save the number as a new contact.

This is especially useful in large group chats where it can be difficult to identify unknown group members.

To note

The username may even appear in other locations on the app, instead of the phone number, this may even include the group participants list.

However, this feature does not hide the phone number of group members, as it is still visible within the chat bubble.


Another hugely popular chat app, Telegram, has always had a similar feature.

For instance, you can give someone your username, and you can have conversations with them without them ever knowing your number.

Telegram also has a privacy setting allowing users to hide their numbers from people they do not know.

By gnews