Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

The Indian government will soon commence the journey to  help millions of people track their lost or stolen mobile phones, as a new portal — is set to be unveiled on the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, May 17 this year.

Launch Of SancharSaathi Portal

This new portal is expected to help people track and find their lost mobile phones, reportedly.

This latest initiative from the center, the Sanchar Saathi portal will be officially unveiled by Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw.

After this launch, this platform will be available throughout the country and cater to lost or stolen mobile phones connected to all telecom circles.

This portal caters only to Delhi and Mumbai circles.

With the help of this portal,so far  4,70,000 lost or stolen mobile phones have been blocked.

Not only that, over 2,40,000 mobile phones have been tracked through this portal, the official sources said.

Similarly, around 8,000 phones have also been recovered through the portal.

Services Provided By SancharSaathi Portal

Let’s go through the services this Govt portal can offer in terms of finding your lost/stolen mobile phones.

  1. This new portal will offer the help in tracking and finding their lost mobile phones.
  2. It will be available throughout the country and cater to lost or stolen mobile phones connected to all telecom circles.
  3. In addition to this, the users can also access their SIM card number and block it if anybody is found using the SIM through the owner’s ID with the help of this portal.

How Does This Help?

The Sanchar Saathi portal has been developed with an aim to help mobile subscribers strengthen their security and increase awareness about citizen-centric initiatives of the government.

The portal helps citizens by allowing them to know the mobile connections issued in their name, get disconnected the connections not required by them, block/trace lost mobile phones and check genuineness of devices while buying a new/old mobile phone.

With the help of various modules like CEIR, TAFCOP etc. Sanchar Saathi facilitates tracing of the lost/stolen mobile devices.

Here the CEIR module also facilitates the blocking of lost/stolen mobile devices in the network of all telecom operators so that lost/stolen devices cannot be used in the country.

In case if someone tries to use the blocked mobile phone, its traceability is generated.

After recovering the mobile phone, it can be unblocked on the portal for its normal use by the citizens.

When it comes to TAFCOP, the module facilitates a mobile subscriber to check the number of mobile connections taken in his/her name.

Further, It facilitates the reporting of mobile connection(s) which are either not required or not taken by the subscriber.

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